Have a Bagel Day

The first time a Nigerian sees a bagel, they would most probably think it was a doughnut because of the glaze and the shape. The differences between a regular Nigerian bread and a basic bagel are in the method of preparation and ingredients. Bagels are the most common breakfast options of the western world and it first originated among Jews in Poland. It is shaped into a ring, has a dough and chewy taste because it is first steamed for a while before it is baked. Easy pitzy, yes?

Have a Bagel Day is celebrated on the 11th of December of every year; the day encourages people to have the kind of bagel they desire with whatever toppings they want and just have fun trying bagels with any other kind of food.

At the very basic, a traditional bagel is made from wheat flour (bread flour is most preferred because it creates the firm yet spongy feel and chewy texture), salt, water, and yeast. Bagels usually need a sweetener – artificial, sugar, honey, milk, or butter are options that can be added.


  • Mix and knead the ingredients to form the dough
  • Shape into the round shape with a hole in the middle
  • Proof the bagels
  • Boil for about 60-90 seconds in water containing lye, baking soda or malt.

                                                               Whole wheat bagel.

                                                                  Toasted bagel



  • Montreal Style Bagel: contains malt and sugar with no salt. It is steamed in honey-sweetened water and baked in a wood-fired oven. It is usually coated with poppy seeds.
  • New York Style Bagel: Made with salt and malt. It is usually puff with a moist crust.
  • East Coast Style Bagel


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