My Naija Christmas Food Wishlist

Christmas is our favourite season of the year and it’s not because of the snow, or the kissing under the mistletoe, or the halls that are decked or the reindeer and Santa. It’s because of the birth of Jesus and of course, food, like no other time of the year.

It isn’t getting gifts that excite us about Christmas either, most of us, don’t even get gifts on Christmas.

During Christmas here in Nigeria, the decoration in your house or on your lawn doesn’t matter as much as the food on the table, the food visitors will eat and the food that will satisfy family and loved ones.

Growing up in a typical Nigerian house; you would have chicken (grilled, fried, barbecued, roasted, dipped, peppered), fried rice, jollof rice, maybe white rice, sald or cole slaw, maybe cake, juices, amala, pounded yam or poundo yam (depending on whether they are from Ekiti or not) and the regular party foods.

People are beginning to ask “What’s there to eat again this christmas?’

Don’t you worry. We are the proclaimers of good news and we have prepared a list of different and delicious dishes that can make your 2018 christmas a blast and one that your taste buds will always refer to.



  • Asun (peppered diced meat)
  • Gizdodo (peppered gizzard and plantain)\
  • Plantain mosa
  • Cat fish/Goat meat pepper soup
  • Yam balls
  • Peppered snail
  • Yamarita fries


  • Buttered coconut rice
  • Carribean rice
  • White rice with banga soup
  • White rice with carrot stew
  • Salad sauce
  • Tomato stew
  • Any native soup
  • Yam/potato/plantain porridge
  • Sea food stew
  • Curry


  • Cupcakes
  • Pie
  • Ice cream
  • Yoghurt and fruits
  • Tampioca
  • Kunu
  • Zobo

We do hope you enjoy every flavour you’d like to this christmas and we hoped we were able to inspire a dish on your Christmas wishlist.

It’s never too early to say Merry Christmas: Merry Christmas!

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