7 Spa Water Recipes That You Will Love

I had checked in to Embassy Suites at Austin, Texas in May this year and was greeted with a vision of lemon and cucumber slices together with ice sitting pretty at the hotel reception. I was intrigued and quickly got a glass of the stuff. Boy, was I not impressed! The water tasted good and refreshing.  I immediately recalled seeing jugs of water with ice, carrot, cucumber and lime slices being served at the opening gig of a beauty spa in my office neighbourhood. It was a pretty sight and beckoned on everyone to have a taste. Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited!

So as a weight loss enthusiast constantly on the lookout for practical ways to hydrate, I decided to think home and make my own fruit and vegetable infused water and drink to my heart’s content. Apart from drinking ‘tasty’ water, I get the bonus of added vitamins and minerals. You can mix and match your ingredients till you get a recipe that you love. I hope you enjoy trying out these recipes and let us know how it went.  Do remember to use alkaline water and tag us on Instagram and Pinterest.



The mild sweetness of guava, citric smarts of lime added to the fresh vitality of mint leaves gives this recipe the award it deserves (in my books, surely). I love the way the mint flavour blends with the lime enhancing the sweetness of the guava. Please use firm guava as soft ones tends to make your water cloudy.



Now this one you can make all year round and for good reasons too. Thoroughly wash the ingredients and take 8 slices of each. Add to your bottle of water and decorate with a few scrunched up leaves of orange tree. Now your water gets a new zest of life!


I know you’ll raise your pretty brows at this one, but I’ve tried it several times and it whets my appetite(temporarily) especially when I’m hungry. The sweet pineapple lends a feeling of satiety to famished taste buds. And as a bonus all you need for this recipe is just N50 worth of each ingredient. You can sub the leaves with cabbage if you wish (provided the market women will give you a leaf of cabbage for N50!) lol



This spa water recipe I like to call my sugar crave buster due to its slight bitter grape taste. This one needs 10 slices of cucumber, 4 slices of either red or white citrus grape and a sprig of partminger leaves. I like to drink up and then eat the fruit and veggies afterwards. A chilled snack I tell you!



An enervating combo of tangerine wedges cut in half and a 12 pieces of cucumber slices gives this recipe a full bodied flavour you’ll love. Add ingredients to your litre of cold water.



A classic any day, easy to prep and even easier to drink! I really love this recipe since I’ll get crunching with the veggies when I finish my water. 12 slices each of cucumber and carrot plus a sprig of fresh lemon leaves (slightly scrunched to release flavour) added to your jug of water with ice completes this recipe



I love the picture of these fruits in water. Like an Ankara fabric- bold, beautiful and beckoning! This recipe’ ingredients are cheap, always available and delicious to boot. Just cut your watermelon, add a few slices of lime and a sprig of mint and you are good to go!

For each of these recipes, used I litre of cold water with ice. For best results, let water infuse for at least 2-3 hours.

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