3 Things To Explore In The Month Of June

It’s so easy to loudly announce that I don’t care that the year is halved already, because I feel like I wasn’t ready for the year and could care less that the year is running at a crazy speed, but that would be living in denial – the kind of denial you’ll see in people who are dating celebrities but the celebrities aren’t dating them. It’s hilarious and should bring my loved ones to be concerned for me; the Nigerian kind of concern.

So, I’m aware that it’s June already and there are still tons of goals unaccomplished and targets unmet, however, I think the complete statement should carry a ‘yet’. I have goals I haven’t attained and plans I haven’t set in motion just yet, but I am here, grateful and still grinding. I have been able to dot some I’s and cross some t’s and that’s good stuff.  Now I am about to go about my business: healthy enjoyment!

I write with you in mind. Yes, you! You who don’t give yourself any break or cut yourself any slack because you think you’re underachieved. I write with you in mind because I can relate to that feeling. But guess what? It’s a very inaccurate feeling! Yeah, I said it. You’re still here, believing, hoping, working and putting things in place. And if that’s all you can manage right now, it’s more than enough.

So, I’m asking you to join my cruise; keep working on that grind but do with fun. Enjoy life while at it. And I’ve brought you ways you can enjoy your June. Are you ready?

Let’s go!

1.  June is Iced Tea Month. Oh goodness! Can you believe there’s a whole month dedicated to enjoying this delicious nectar? This makes me feel like I don’t deserve June. Iced teas are golden! Not just the colour now, the taste, the feel and the look when iced in a transparent glass set by the table while I work. Yum!

Iced Tea is a sweet, refreshing and cold drink which is usually in various flavors, with the common ones being lemon or peach. Your iced tea isn’t complete without ice cubes and sliced fruits. This month, enjoy some of the great benefits of iced tea: hydration, antioxidant boosts, and manganese supply.

2. Audiobook Month: On many days, my to-do list seems inexhaustible. I love reading, consuming content and new information. But how I do what I love when I must do what I have to do?

Audiobooks are another way God takes care of us, I believe. Audiobooks have dealt with all the excuses that are my alibi for not reading or reading as much as I want. With audiobooks, I can read while driving, doing some chores, in the dark and when my eyes are stressed out. Technology has made this one easy, as audiobook apps are readily available for both Android and iOS users – search and download the one that best suits you and your reading lifestyle. So, this month, listen to those memoirs, biographies, novels, classics that you’ve always wanted to read. The joy of being able to cross out a book you’re done with off your reading list is always pure.

3. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month: I am not a party pooper but there are some basic things we all should know because of the interactions we have with people, [people from different backgrounds and with a different experience of life]. PTSD has been defined as a lingering reminder that turns every day into a potential minefield, with flashbacks and triggers potentially hidden around every corner. This month, learn a few things about this disorder that’s affecting millions around the world. You can even volunteer at a local campaign or a care unit to see and become more aware of the struggle people suffering from PTSD face.

I hope you’ll be willing to enjoy your June journey. I hope you have a fulfilling month. I hope you’ll choose joy and focus on the bright side this month. And I hope you’ll tell me about your June journey afterwards.


Have a great month


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