What Language Does Your Love Speak?

Love, they say, is a universal language: everyone feels the need to love and be loved.

Love is one of the few reasons many people love forward to February (asides the fact that it’s the shortest month), with Valentine’s Day being a happy, euphoric and exciting day. Often time, you’ll see people going out of their way to express love to those they care about in different ways.

Having lived a few decades, I have seen that people want to be loved and appreciated. I have a senior colleague who is a voracious consumer of books and doesn’t really like to go out much. For someone like her, a perfect Valentine date might be a quiet evening at home with a bestseller she’d always wanted to read, great home cooked meal and a glass of wine, while cozied up on the sofa. Okay, confession: I know this because she told me *giggles*.

Don’t even ask what mine is, because honestly, I wouldn’t be able to tell. I love different things per time, but just like every other human, I do appreciate being loved, not minding whatever form it comes in.

So, over to you. What is YOUR love language? What’s your perfect Valentine’s Day? Do share, I’m eager to know!

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