3 Drinks to Make From Agbalumo

If you thought the only thing that could be done with agbalumo is eating the entire juicy insides, throw the seeds away (or make sticky earrings as we used to as kids *giggles*) and make gum out of the chewy skin, you’ve got company.

It’s indeed true that the impossible is untried. Believe me, I never thought there was any other way to consume agbalumo (African Star Apple) than as described above. Imagine how shocked I was when I found that some very adventurous persons had been processing agbalumo, and not with their teeth!

Let me slow my roll.

Some folks could care less about the sight or taste of the fruit, but for us who live for the agbalumo season (as it was a very integral part of our childhood), it’s almost a sacred moment for us when we discover new ways to shake things up when agbalumo is concerned.

Here are three fun ways you can enjoy it better:

AGBALUMO TEA: The drastic and unannounced change in weather leave diverse effects on different individuals, especially since we had a rainy January. The sharp change from the dry harmattan to the rainy January ushered in the flu, and flu-combatting fruits aren’t quite in season just yet. So what do we advise? Agbalumo is in a season…it contains loads of Vitamin C…go for it!

Don’t want to chew on it? Tea it out! How to:

  • Scoop out the flesh and the juice into a blender (3-4 pieces)
  • Discard the seeds
  • Blend into a puree
  • Add some honey
  • Add water and lemon

AGBALUMO SMOOTHIE: Does it feel like one can now make a smoothie out of any kind of fruit? Hahaha, well, agbalumo has joined that bandwagon.

How to prepare:

  • Wash your fruits and open them up
  • Discard the seeds and the skin
  • Pour the remaining content into the blender
  • Add soda water as you blend
  • Put honey and blend some more
  • Strain this into a cup with ice and serve chilled.

AGBALUMO MOCKTAIL/COCKTAIL: Who would have thought this was a possibility? You can create this sweetened drink and add alcohol if you desire.

How to Prepare:

  • Wash and cut open your agbalumo (4-5)
  • Scrape out everything into a bowl, discarding the skin
  • Pour in a blender, add scent leaf, ginger powder, honey and water
  • Blend till smooth
  • Sieve out into a jug
  • Stir in any bitter/spirit if you want a cocktail
  • Serve with ice


Enjoy these recipes and have fun sharing them with friends and families.

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