Three Things You Should Never Forget Before Join The FitFam Life

Healthy lifestyle choices are your best bet to living a healthy life here on this ‘toxic’ planet (the environment is not as clean as it can be, remember global warming?) and at the apex of these choices are your diet and exercise choices; these two are linked to reducing the risk of ‘ah’ diseases.

What do I call the ‘Ah’ Diseases? Those ones that scare the heck out of a person because it is ushered in by an envoy of life-threatening symptoms. Examples of these diseases are heart diseases, some types of cancers and diabetes.

Before we go into the pros, cons, hacks and tips of embarking on a weight-loss journey, I want to set some records straight:

  1. Skinny isn’t confidence. If you’re dealing with some personal struggles or some inferiority complex, losing weight and showing off your sexy bod isn’t going to change that. It might seem cliche that trainers, fitness experts, and nutritionists will tell you that you shouldn’t embark on a weight loss journey to deal with an incomplete perspective you have of yourself but it’s a simple truth. If you don’t feel good in your skin, being skinny isn’t going to change that.

  2. To lose weight, you must have gained weight. If there’s nothing extra that you have gained, there’s nothing to lose. This means that don’t jump on a journey because it’s trending. I know many celebrities and influencers are losing weight and the skinny people seem to be getting all the Instagram love and ‘regular’ shaped people feel unseen, unappreciated and unapproved. If your weight is fine, why should you want to lose weight? You must know the science before you can learn the art; know your healthy weight, calculate your BMI, figure out your metabolism rate; all these you can do by yourself.

  1. Even if you’re overweight or obese, don’t jump into a journey following the instructions of an influencer or take a blogger’s word hook, line and sinker. Go see a doctor. Go talk to your physician, dietician; listen to them, pay attention to the advice and prescriptions they give.

Now, that all those are out of the way; my next blog post will be on healthy food choices and losing weight without exercising.

Stay tuned. Share with your friends and one more thing: You are beautiful!

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