6 Handbags Every Lady Should Own

In honour of the World Handbag’s Day celebrated in October, we have put together a list of the top 6 kinds of handbags every lady should have in their closets.

Before we get into the list, let’s take a quick moment to be grateful for whoever it is that invented handbags. If there were no handbags, ladies would probably have their dresses sewn with pockets all over. Handbags have seen us at our good, ugly, messy, clumsy, yet they have stayed with us. Diamonds might be girl’s best friends but handbags are girl’s strongest allies.

Drum rolls! Here is the list:

  • The number 1 bag every lady should have is the Shoulder Bag. This has a nickname as well; the Everyday Bag. They are usually big as they understand that they have to carry every necessary and unnecessary stuff we might need outside of our home. They are super functional and most of us have more than one of this kind.

  • Satchels: These are a mix of everyday and work bags. Ladies who use laptops at work usually have more of these bags. It’s big enough to carry their basic stuff and their laptops as well. These bags are usually big, thick and strong.

  • Quilted Bags: These ones are every woman’s dream bag; they are iconic and if you ever want to make a bag statement, they are the ones to use. They are usually expensive and have been adopted as chic bags by some of the biggest brands, Chanel and Hermes.
  • Clutches: These are party bags or the ones you take to a hangout. The clutch is simply classy, elegant, and a pure beauty. With a clutch, we learn to prioritize the stuff we need to take out because they are small.

  • Minaudieres: Minaudiere is a clutch designed with colored stones, gems, pearls, etc. Minaudieres are the little glittering purses to take to special events, coctail parties, weddings and evening parties.
  • Wallets are mini bags within our bags. Wallets are more than money bags or card holders; There are some strolls or errands that we’d rather go on with just our wallets.

Do you think we missed out anyone?

What kinds of bags do you own that have been more useful that you anticipated?

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