4 Ways to Look Stunning on a Budget

If you could go on a shopping spree all day without paying a dime or spending your hard-earned money, you may have a thing for fashion. To really validate this inner fashionista aura, you need to also have an eye for styling yourself up in such a way that makes people ask if you hire a stylist; that means, you have great taste. If all these describes you, you may just be a fashionista!

Most of these items are usually expensive; the designer labels seem to be for a selected few because good money go into acquiring them.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more stylish than you can afford, what you wear is one of the ways people interact with you. You don’t have to go out of your financial way to get great dresses, you don’t have to be neck deep in debt to look like a model on Paris’ Fashion Week runway and you definitely don’t have to borrow clothes from to look babang babang!

You can do your budget and still be a rockstar in your fashion styles. Yes, you can and I am going to give you a few tips on how.:

1. Make sure your clothes are versatile: When you go shopping, make sure to keep this at the fore front of fashionista yet calculative mind. Buy clothes that can be paired with anything and can be worn to a whole lot of places or events. If it seems like that top could only go with that skirt, you aren’t getting your money worth out of it; just let it go. To do this successfully; make sure to have the following in your closet:
A pair of blue jeans
A pair of shorts
A pair of black pants/leggings
Flats, sneakers and sandals
One little black dress is also very essential; can be worn anywhere except to an all-white themed party.
These basics make it easier for you to style up everytime looking like a hot shot.

2. Find your shopping store: Going to big stores or the raving boutiques will cost you all you have for less than you expect because these super marts charge like crazy. Their pricing can be outrageous, at times. Go to smaller stores where you can find varieties at affordable prices. Go out on searches, ask people around for tips on the shops that sell good stuff but at a low budget. You’ll be surprised how much people know these kinds of stuff.

3. Accessorize: Your clothes will become a look when you glam them up with the right accessories. You can add a scarf, sunglass, bracelet, necklace and earrings and you look like you just stepped out of a magazine. No matter how simple or cheap your dress seem, all you can do to bring out your inner fashionista is pair it up with appropriate accessory.

4. Just get creative. No matter how stuffed up your closet is, there are times that you just seem to not find the perfect outfit. Everything seems off and ‘not-working to you. In times like these, get creative. Sew something up, cut something open, belt something together, just let your hands work what you have until it works.

These are a few tips to help you engage your stylish and creative self on a budget that is appropriate for you. You know how Nigerians say “Cut your clothes according to your clothes”, it’s not just an adage to be content with the money you have to spend but to also be styled up while making do with what you have.

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