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My name is Juliet and I’m a mom, businesswoman, blogger, aspiring baker and Vincent’s lifetime girl! As a passionate weight ‘loss enthusiast’, I help people overcome their weight challenges by providing motivation, meal plans, recipes, exercise plans, tips and tricks simply because I’ve been there.

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10 Snacking Ideas For Weight Loss

10 Snacking Ideas For Weight Loss

  • April 12, 2019
  • by

Snacks for weight loss? Sounds like an aberration but experts are agreed that healthy well-timed snack is a plus for weight loss. Sometimes all you need is just a snack but the choice of the right snack can make or mar your weight loss goals

A snack in time saves you the enhanced hunger pangs that ‘ll have you eating whatever. The ideal snack should have reasonable protein, fat and fibre These nutrients take long to digest and as such fill you up for longer. Our snack ideas are natural, easy to prep, can be homemade by you and are delicious!

1)   Cherry tomatoes with Coconut Slices

Cherry tomatoes are those small red and round tomatoes mostly used for food decoration. The plus for cherry tomatoes is that aside from its lycopene, potassium, water and fibre it’s absolutely delicious especially when chilled. Paired with coconut, you have a healthy snack that is 100% natural, crunchy and sweet

2)   Sliced bell peppers

Bell peppers of any colour make a great snack for those times when you want to reign in on your calorie intake. Red, yellow, orange or green bell peppers are crispy, mildly sweet and are loaded with antioxidants, fibre and other nutrients

3)   Grated coconut with toasted acha

Toasted Acha as a snack? Well, give it a try with freshly grated sweet coconut.  Mix the two and eat with a spoon. The fresh sweetness of the coconut and crunchy texture of the acha will leave you longing for more! You can package the two as a take away to work

4)   Fruit Medley

Prepare a delectable dish with your favourite fruits- mangoes, apples, coconut, tangerines, papaya, pineapple, avocado, monkey cola etc. The fibre, water, texture and the sweet taste of the fruits will satisfy your cravings in no time


5)   Celery Ribs with apple peanut butter

After tasting this snack, you will never throw away celery sticks again. Simply pluck the leaves off your celery, wash the sticks thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. Cut into small sizes and dip into a bowl of peanut butter and grated apple. Crunchy, tasty goodness.

6)   Dark chocolates

Chocolates anyone? Yes, me, please. Dark chocolates are healthy (surprised) and are loaded with minerals, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. Be sure it’s quality dark chocolate you are buying (not the sugary crap please)

Moderation is key here though as 100g of dark chocolate comes with a hefty 600 calories.

7)   Mixed nuts

A Trail mix of nuts –cashews, almonds, tiger nuts, peanuts, walnuts and yes palm kernel nut spiced with cayenne, salt and dried dates are ‘un-put-down-able’ literally!  Portion size is important here. To help control portion sizes, use a small serving plate and put the bag of nuts away!

8)   Dried Coconut

You can have dried coconut as chips or shavings. The fibre, mild sweetness and the healthy oils in the coconut make it a highly filling and satisfying snack

9)  ​Vegetarian granola

Granola is made from healthy cereals, nuts, oils and seeds slowly baked to crunchy goodness that is filling, satisfying and delicious. Granola travels well and is a versatile menu item.

10) Energy balls

Energy balls like Dankuwa, oat/ peanut/ date combo are delicious filling, easy to prep and nutritious to boot. And as a snack, they travel well appeals to all age groups and sometimes have no bake recipes

11) Smoothie

Your favourite smoothie as a snack may be as simple as a banana, a small handful of spinac0h,3 dates, ¼ cup of milk, ice cubes and a healthy topping of your choice. This one readily calms a hungry belly.

12) Mango with cayenne pepper

Now this one doesn’t make sense right? Wrong. Sweet mango with its sugar, water, protein and fibre accompanied by a dash of cayenne will help rev your metabolism while helping you to healthily satisfy your craving

13 Garden Egg

White, yellow or green garden egg offer great snack choices when hunger strikes. Garden eggs can be eaten plain or with nuts and nut butter. The combo fills you up due to its fibre, water protein and healthy oils.

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My name is Juliet and I’m a mom, businesswoman, blogger, aspiring baker and Vincent’s lifetime girl! As a passionate weight ‘loss enthusiast’, I help people overcome their weight challenges by providing motivation, meal plans, recipes, exercise plans, tips and tricks simply because I’ve been there.

I believe in life- in all its beauty, dangers, worries, fun, pains, work (O yes!) excitement, happiness. I know that within each one of us is a burning desire to share, to do good, to work, to find meaning, to enhance that which we perceive to be oh so not good about us.

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