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My name is Juliet and I’m a mom, businesswoman, blogger, aspiring baker and Vincent’s lifetime girl! As a passionate weight ‘loss enthusiast’, I help people overcome their weight challenges by providing motivation, meal plans, recipes, exercise plans, tips and tricks simply because I’ve been there.

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  • October 28, 2021
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A man who does not know where the rain began to beat him cannot say where he dried his body- African proverb
Cancer and heart disease, the deadly manifestation of chronic inflammation, are expected to remain as the leading causes of death in developed countries for many years to come. Study after study shows that the risk of cancer and heart disease are modifiable by our lifestyle choices which include the food we choose to eat each day. Below is a checklist to inform your choice the next time you visit the market. Do share these nuggets with your loved ones, as you may save a soul at the risk of inflammation

Inflammatory Agent: Excessive sugar intake has been linked to tooth decay, increased risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and chronic inflammation!
Avoid: Beverages like soft drinks, punches, fruit drinks.  Avoid candy, pastries, deserts, and sweet snacks.  Did you know there are 39 grams of sugar in a can of soda!  Read labels and look for sugar disguised with these names: corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, golden syrup, sucrose and maltose.

Inflammatory Agent: Vegetable cooking oils have very high omega-6 fatty acids and dismally low omega-3 fats. A diet consisting of a highly disproportionate omega-6 to omega-3 ratio promotes inflammation and breeds inflammatory diseases like heart disease and cancer.
Avoid: Polyunsaturated oils: cottonseed, grape seed, safflower, corn, and sunflower oils- beware these are often used in most processed foods.

Pro-inflammatory Agent: Trans-fatty acids are notorious for their double whammy effect: they increase the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol, and pose biochemical threats because they bear a structural property (trans isomers) which our enzymes (bearing cis isomers configuration) cannot catalyze. They have also been found to promote inflammation, obesity and resistance to insulin, laying the ground for degenerative illnesses to take place.
Avoid: Fast foods; deep fried foods; commercially baked goods, anything made with partially hydrogenated oil, or vegetable shortening.  Commercially prepared peanut butter has partially hydrogenated oil.

Inflammatory Agent: Milk is a common allergen that can trigger inflammatory responses like IBS, skin rashes, hives, acne and breathing difficulties.  As much as 60% of the world’s population cannot digest milk easily.
Avoid: Milk and dairy products like butter and cheese.  Many cakes, crackers, cream sauces and boxed cereals contain milk ingredients.


Pro-inflammatory Agent: Commercially produced meats are fed with grains like soy beans and corn, a diet that is high in inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids but low in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats. Due to the small and tight living environment, these animals also gain excess fat and end up with high saturated fats. Even worse, to make them grow faster and prevent them from getting sick, they are also injected with hormones and fed with antibiotics.
Avoid: Most, if not all, beef, pork and poultry you can find in the supermarkets and restaurants come from feedlot farms.

Pro-inflammatory Agent: Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine found that red meat contains a molecule that humans don’t naturally produce called Neu5Gc. After ingesting this compound, the body develops anti-Neu5Gc antibodies – an immune response that may trigger chronic inflammatory response. This low-grade, simmering inflammation that won’t go away has been linked to cancer and heart disease.
The link between processed meat consumption and cancer is even stronger. In the 2007 report by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research, processed meat has been stated as a convincing cause of cancers of the colon and rectum, and possibly of the esophagus and lungs too. Processed meat includes animal products that have been smoked, cured, salted or chemically preserved.
Sources: Common red meats are beef, lamb and pork, while processed meats include ham, sausage and salami.

Red meat

Pro-inflammatory Agent: Regular high consumption of alcohol has been known to cause irritation and inflammation of the esophagus, larynx (voice box) and liver. Over time, the chronic inflammation promotes tumor growth and gives rise to cancer at the sites of repeated irritation.
Sources: Beers, ciders, liquors, liqueurs, and wines.

Pro-inflammatory Agent: A lot of the grains we eat nowadays are hyper refined, devoid of fiber and vitamin B compared to unpolished and unrefined grains that still have the bran, germ and the aleurone layer intact. These refined grains offering empty calories, have a higher glycemic index than unprocessed grains and when consistently consumed, can hasten the onset of degenerative diseases like cancer, coronary disease and diabetes.
Sources: Products made from refined grains are almost everywhere. The common ones are: white rice, white flour, white bread, noodles, pasta, biscuits and pastries. To make things worse, many products with refined grains undergo further processing to enhance their taste and look, and are often loaded with excess sugar, salt, artificial flavors and/or partially hydrogenated oil in the process. A prime example is boxed cereals which contain substantial amounts of added sugar and flavorings.

Pro-inflammatory Agent: Some artificial food additives like aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) reportedly trigger inflammatory responses, especially in people who are already suffering from inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.
Sources: Only packaged foods contain artificial food additives. Read the labels carefully and weigh your risks. If you order Chinese take-out, make sure you have the option to ask for no MSG. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

Pro-inflammatory Agent: Many people are sensitive to certain foods and condiments but are totally unaware of it. Unlike food allergies whereby symptoms usually hit fast and furious, symptoms caused by food intolerance may take a longer time to manifest. Symptoms of food intolerance are often brushed off as minor ailments such as tiredness and headaches. But repeated, long-term exposure to food that irritates can cause inflammation and lead to chronic disease.
Sources: Common food allergens are gluten, milk, nuts, eggs and nightshade vegetables. Contrary to common belief, it is possible to develop an allergy to the foods that you eat often.

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My name is Juliet and I’m a mom, businesswoman, blogger, aspiring baker and Vincent’s lifetime girl! As a passionate weight ‘loss enthusiast’, I help people overcome their weight challenges by providing motivation, meal plans, recipes, exercise plans, tips and tricks simply because I’ve been there.

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