4 Underwear Laws to Live By For A Healthy Vagina

Khyra is all up for everything woman and everything healthy, aren’t we? The conversations we have are around lifestyle choices, food choices, weightloss choices and how to still be a winning babygirl all day all night! So, you can imagine the joy I felt when I learnt today was Underwear DAY

These are the kinds of days worth paying attention to – the underwear is a funny concept, you know? It’s under your clothe but it has to be clean. It’s not one of those things you can manage or sweep under the rug, you know? It’s life’s way of forcing you to be clean; because as much as you focus on your glam up, hair, makeup and clothes, you have to give a more deliberate consideration and attention to your underwear.

It’s underwear day but at Khyra, we’re focusing on panties. Panties are the most intimate kind of clothing ever; it’s in direct contact with the vagina and since the vagina is supposed to be a safe space, for yourself, your sexual partner and your unborn babies, it’s not narcissism that we are paying attention to it. This isn’t the only blog post on healthy panties out here; it’s just one of the few who would give practical solutions to some of women’s unspoken challenges.

When I read “Everywoman: A Gynaecological Guide For Life by Derek Llewellyn-Jones”, I saw that the average woman at certain times in her life had insecurities about her vagina: some thought it didn’t look good, others thought it smelt terribly and everyone that passed right by them could perceive the odour too while others just thought something was missing. All these women came to this conclusion without carrying out an experiment: they didn’t ask about it from other women. They all assumed because they felt that way. So, in a way, this blog post is answering certain unspoken questions and I hope it’s more than a good read, I hope that after reading this, you’d be more determined to take care of your underwear so as to sustain your healthy vagina.

Let’s get into it: 

  1. Before anything, choose natural fabrics – especially cotton: We can’t overemphasize this. Some think this is because of comfort and because they feel comfortable in other materials stick with those ones. Check out this article on Livestrong to see why you should stick to cotton pants. Cotton is breathable, absorbent and can help prevent infections.

  1. Go commando at night: A lot of conversations have been had around whether or not to go to bed with no underwear on but I’d say this: let it breathe (especially if you usually have infections) Check this out: you’ve been covered up all day and when it’s time to sleep, you can’t let it breathe? If you aren’t comfortable with the dark commando, wear very loose shorts to sleep instead of tight panties and make sure to wear these other options as frequently as you wear them.

  1. Wash your panties in hypoallergenic soap: Hypoallergenic soaps aren’t going to add to the task of reading contents of soaps or products; they are soaps that have zero probability of causing allergies. There are a ton of lists on the internet and the best part? These soaps are available in Nigeria.

  2. Consider Replacing Your Underwear Often: You and I have some clothes that have stayed with us through relocation, different weathers, different years, seasons and through different political leaders, yes? Make sure to not do that with your underwear. As soon as you notice little holes in your panties, start planning to replace. If you could change your toothbrush once in three months, why shouldn’t you consider replacing your panties too? They don’t have to be terrible, worn out or torn before you toss them away.

I hope I have been able to help someone on this underwear concept. Also, if you need help on how to wash your underwear, check here.

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